Best Top 10 SEO tips for Blog 2017

Best Top 10 SEO tips for Blog 2017
Best Top 10 SEO tips for Blog 2017

If you want organic traffic on your blog then Ranking is one of the major and essential factor to get real and genuine visitors through search engine . SEO is simply defined as Search Engine Optimization which is used to rank your blog or website on search engine and get good and healthy traffic on your blog . First let me clear that organic traffic means when visitors visit your blog or website through search engine using the keyword , this is also called real and genuine traffic google prefers this kind of traffic and this one is good for your blog and website . so now the point is how you can rank your blog on search engine and get real and organic visitors for your blog . Go and do some SEO on your blog , There are two types of SEO " On page seo and off page seo" both are  necessary according to the ranking . First you people must chose and select the most demanding niche and topic that people search on google like ( Tech , Health , Education) . Google keyword Planner is a tool which is used to find the whole searches according to specific keyword and niche . you should use it .

Improve On Page SEO 

If you want rank your blog and website on search engine then you should must have to improve your On Page SEO . Follow the instructions below .

  • Use Long Tail Keyword and keyword research .
  • Images optimization ( use ALT tags) .
  • Publish your content regularly .
  • Post relevant content according to your niche . 
  • Anchor text ( Use hyperlinks in your articles ) .
  • Keyword density . ( How many times you use your keyword in your article ? ) . 
  • Use Meta data ( Title , description and tags ) .
  • User friendly Theme with fast loading speed . 

Best Top 10 SEO tips for Blog 2017
Best Top 10 SEO tips for Blog 2017

Improve Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO is also very important factor for ranking , do some Off Page SEO and rank your blog to get organic traffic from search engine . 

  • Submit your sitemap in search engines like google and yahoo search engine . 
  • Use webmaster tools , yahoo bing and Yandex search engines for submit sitemap . 
  • Use Robot.txt for crawl your pages , posts and articles e.t.c .
  • Get high quality backlinks for SEO . 
  • Link building on social media and Social Bookmarking 
  • Submit your blog in different high quality Directories .
  • Guest Posting for link building . 

Best Top 10 SEO tips for Blog 2017
Best Top 10 SEO tips for Blog 2017

Simple 10 SEO tips for Blogging 2017

  • Always use Long Tail Keyword Like ( How to get organic traffic on website 2017) .
  • If you are beginner then must you should use Keyword Planner and start work on Low competition Keywords .
  • Use images and Optimize your images which are using in your articles . ( Use ALT tags ) 
  • Publish your content daily .
  • Publish relevant content according to your blog and website . 
  • Use your keyword in article . 
  • Use Anchor text ( hyperlinks) .
  • Use Meta tags in your title and description . 
  • Always write Long Articles with heading . 
  • Use video in your article from youtube , it will boost your ranking . 

Best Top 10 SEO tips for Blog 2017
Best Top 10 SEO tips for Blog 2017

Note : When you'll give Anchor text ( hyperlink ) from your own post or website link always use ( DO follow tag ) and when you'll give external website or post link in your Anchor text always use ( No follow tag) .

Do it :
  • Always do White Hat SEO . 
  • Write Long Long Long Article and use Many Many Many images . 
  • You can take any video from youtube according to your article and use it in your post using iframe code . Don't worry its legit and there is no any copyright violation . 

Don't Do it :
  • Never do Black Hat SEO . Penalties are awaiting from google .
  • Don't steal others content .
  • Don't cheat visitors , always publish relevant content .
  • Never use Do follow attribute for External links , it could be dangerous for your blog .

Best Top 10 SEO tips for Blog 2017
Best Top 10 SEO tips for Blog 2017

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